Sree Reddy, DVM

Sree Reddy, DVM

Dr. Sree Reddy graduated from veterinary school in 1997 and obtained his Master’s Degree in 2000. He has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2000 and moved to Florida in 2004. He is passionate about holistic medicine, acupuncture, laser therapy, and laparoscopy. Since 2009, he has been doing single-port laparoscopy procedures. He was one of the few veterinarians to perform this procedure and has done it more than 600 times. Dr. Reddy believes in treating every sick pet the same day they walk into the doors.

In 2017, Dr. Reddy founded the non-profit, The Hermione Duncan Reddy Foundation. The foundation was created as a means of financial support for pets in need of medical care that their families can’t afford to pay. Since opening, the foundation has saved hundreds of pets’ lives with the support of many generous donations.

Over the years, Dr. Reddy has trained many technicians that have continued their studies to become veterinarians. He takes pride in mentorship and always takes an opportunity to teach when he has the time. He transformed Several regular veterinary clinics into an Advanced General Practice that offers ultrasounds, very invasive same-day surgeries, acupuncture and laser therapy, holistic medicine practices, radiology, exotics, dental care, anti-venom treatment, CT, and much more!

This all began with Seven Oak Pet Hospital being the first hospital Dr.Reddy opened in 2007 that grew into an advanced general practice with six doctors and over 30 plus employees. In the past several years, Dr. Reddy has been able to help his Associate Veterinarians owning practices by partnering with them. He was able to mentor new business owners to grow successful practices ranging from general practice to urgent care as well. With the focus being on clients and patient care Dr. Reddy was able to add a new business called SaiberVet to help do medical notes for doctors, be a receptionist to help with front desk needs and act as a personal assistant to help with any needs for different hospitals.

Dr. Reddy is also a member of the FVMA, AVMA, PHVMA, VIN and a Committee member of our Pasco County Animal Services Advisory Committee. Briefly, the committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners in matters involving the animal population within the county by furnishing information, advice, and counsel to the Board with respect to the appropriate means and methods by which the county may adequately provide for the protection of its animal population, while at the same time protecting the citizens of the county from unwarranted intrusions by uncontrolled animals. In his free time, Dr. Reddy enjoys reading, listening to music, playing golf, and spending time with his dog Zeus. He also loves traveling to historical places around the world.